Sunday, August 20, 2006



When I had come out of the theatre with a long face...I had thought I couldn't enjoy the movie because of the nasty backache I had which lasted throughout the movie n cured miraculously as soon as I sat in the car..(guess they got something in the seats.. ;P)

As for the movie..I second with everybody that it was an Okay movie..i found it to be very impractical..but then most of them are..

Kajol luks fabulous in the muvi..The glow on her face can't go unnoticed..n her smile just lights up the screen..
Amir..just when u think..awwww,he luks soooo old..he luks so strange..His new look in the second half makes u say..oh he lukd so better in long hair..
Then there is this kid..n he's the most beautiful part of the movie..I was so much in a hurry to leave the hall that i cudnt stay to look for the name..but this kid is very cute..n the dialogues that were given to him were very cute too..It was a treat to watch him..

Performances were gud..storyline..naah..n sum things in the muvi just get to you..especially in the first half..all that sick sms shayri..n that ws too much of it actually..I mean,if at all it was required..cudnt they put their lyricist to sum work n write new ones 4 them...??instead of directly stealing it all..except one or two..all were lame..n their the start..that makes u feel so uneasy..soooooo..u know.. :D

n second half was disappointing too..or mayb it was just my backache..i jst dont know.. :D
Songs..Subhan-allah is as everyone knows a lovely song..but i really loved the video of "mere haath mei.." a lovely song n a beautiful video to go with it..that rain song was okay too..apart frm tht rest two r just ordinary..If sumbdy's havin MCs..i think fanaa's remix is also very gud..n tht instrumental theme..

N then there wre lot of random characters..added just to put weight in th random 30 seconds roles..some lasted till 1 minute of the screen time too..n they hv hiked ticket rates fr fanaa..i wnder why..As if 150 wasnt enough.. But still..the movie is okay for a one time watch...not good..but not too bad either..But kajol fans shudnt be disappointed at all..both luks wise n actingwise..she dusnt disappoint..