Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I won't surrender..

However beaten it may be,
You can't keep it under..
My soul's not for keeps,
It just won't surrender..

You said I won't survive,
In your world I don't belong..
You thought I would crumble,
That I was just not that strong..

Every time I rose to fly,
You tried to tie me down..
In shallow waters of mediocrity,
You wanted me to drown..

You mocked my innocence,
laughed at my wide-eyed dreams..
you painted my world black,
When I was looking at violets & greens..

The innocence is now gone,
& I don't dream any longer..
But the desire to hold on,
Has only become stronger..

I know I made mistakes
Infact I still do..
But never will I let again,
Myself be led by you..

Though I'm yet to prove myself,
Am not scared of you anymore..
I know my moment will come,
The one I've been waiting for..

So no matter how many times I fumble,
On this road, I'll keep walking..
For there, right behind my door,
I can see happiness knocking..!

Me against the world.. or me against myself..
Against whom the fight is.. I wonder..
But I know I'll win at the end..
for till then, I just won't surrender..