Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The God's little Angel...

She opened her eyes
to a world of fairies,
dancing mermaids and
never ending magic..
Pure and innocent..
She was God's little Angel.

She sailed across the seas
playing with dolphins,
making castles in the sand and
marking her territory..
Ever exuberant..
She was God's little Angel.

She made friends out of strangers

with her delightful smile,
leaving them overjoyed and
enamored with her innocence..
lovingly flamboyant..
She was God's little Angel.

She was met instead with a
world of unkindness,
which broke her heart and
laughed at its pieces..
Aching to be loved..
She was God's little Angel.

She shed many an unseen tears
over her shattered dreams,
But she embellished in her pain and
wrote beautiful poetry..
aloof yet alluring..
She was God's little Angel.

She sure wasn't the kind
to drown in self pity,
who could give up on life and
kill the love she had inside..
knowing and determined..
She was God's little Angel.

So she gathered her clipped wings
tended them with care,
Lifted her chin up and
slowly started to fly again..
scared yet impassioned..
She was God's little Angel.

And now she still spreads love
wherever she goes,
rubbing off her charm on others and
touching lives of everyone..
She sure has a magic wand..
For she is God's little Angel.

For Umang, on her Birthday.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The demons within..

Of all the challenges life throws your way,
of all the fights you'll ever be in..
The ones you'll have with your own self,
are going to be the hardest to win..

For there are times when it's not the world..
piercing your soul with its ruthless eyes..
It's when you seem worthless to your own self,
that a thousand tears your heart cries..

Those days when everything seems to go wrong..
forcing you to question your might..
How is it when your own reflection tells you,
You are not good enough, not bright..

The times when it's you pulling yourself down..
deliberately holding onto your pain..
When you decide not to take the next step,
scared that you might fall again..

Tell me, what are you going to do..
When you turn out to be your biggest foe?
You might run away from the whole world but,
how far from yourself will you be able to go?

The despair which sets in,
like a ferocious beast out on prowl..
Feeding on shattered pieces of your spirit,
Priding itself on a murder most foul..

If only we could kill just as easily,
the demons dwelling in our heads..
The way our parents shoved away,
the ghosts hidden under our beds..

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

When love is real.. and hearts are true..
Every day becomes valentine's for you.. no? ;)

I do not believe in these celebrations.. but still.. I do believe in love of those who do..

So, to those.. who are in love...
and to those, who once were..
To those.. who believe in love..
and to those who do not..
To those.. who are expecting flowers & chocolates at their doorsteps..
and to those.. who will be paying for them.. :D
To those.. who are unsure of their feelings..
and to those.. who are scared of letting these feelings known..
To those.. who have a special someone..
and to those.. who do not..
To those.. who want to have their love last forever..
and to those.. who had it once and lost..
To those.. who'll be having candle lit dinners tonight..
and to those.. who'll be watching romantic flicks on their couches.. alone.. ;) :D
To those.. who'll be celebrating their commitment today..
and to those.. who'll enter one..
To those.. who'll send each other dark red cards.. :D
and to those.. who'll hide their love notes under their pillows.. ;)
To those.. who are waiting for someone special to come along..
and to those.. who are scared of being loved..
To those.. who'll be together walking hand in hand..
and to those.. who'll be connected only through their feelings..

Here's wishing you all, a Very Happy Valentine's Day..

And for the rest... Time for us to treat ourselves..
To give ourselves a gift, no one else could give us..
"Let's begin.. to love ourselves, before anyone else.."

Friday, February 01, 2008

Of a love long lost & Memoirs of a Geisha

I wonder if it often happens to people, when they develop an inexplicable aversion towards the things they like doing the most. Whether it is because these activities stop providing us with that pleasure over the years or because over this long while.. we are not the people anymore what we used to be. I certainly don't know..

When I look back at the time when I used to read almost anything I could get my hands on, I wonder why don't I derive such joy out of reading anymore. But every once in a long while, when I stumble upon a book which I'm actually able to finish.. I wonder if it's me who's reading the book.. or is it the book which is making me read it.

Memoirs of a Geisha.. is more than just a fascinating narrative of the life of a Geisha, as the critics claim. It certainly isn't about a life which was unusual. It's also not about unusual characters. The strength and also the essence of the book is the fact.. that behind the intriguing grandeur and subtle darkness of the subject.. lie simple people led by simple emotions in rather unusual circumstances.

The major reason which makes the book gripping however, remains to be author's entrance into a territory rather unknown & fascinating just because of its outlandish & foreign appeal. For the people who love traveling & exploring new places & new culture, the book is indeed a visual treat in some ways.

The transformation of little Chiyo chan to Nitta Sayuri covers most of the book.. while the events later on are wrapped up rather fast, especially the ending which rather looks hurried & extremely tasteless. A little girl from a little fishing village who was sold off by her father to a life of loneliness & misery.. after fighting the ordeals of pain, separation, uncertainty and suppression goes onto become a prominent Geisha.. led by a mysterious encounter with a stranger. That display of kindness actually charted her whole life and all the major events in the book. . However, the magnitude of the passion which that event ignited is rather indigestible at many occasions. But you have to give such leeway to fiction, I guess.

All the characters have this mysterious intriguing nature about them. You often wish you could know more about them & wonder about their points of view. But, the character of Mameha as Sayuri's mentor & Nobu as her suitor were the most touching. Mameha with her grace & Nobu with his crude gentleness & affection never fail to make an impression. And there's something about Pumpkin which grows onto you.

The narrative is simple & sans too much unnecessary clutter. Even when it's in the form of memoirs.. it lacks the mundaneness and innate self gratification surrounding an autobiography. It's just like somebody talking to you about the major events of his/her life. And here the author takes the cake.. and the accolades.

Triggered by the appetite for reading which was since long dormant.. I'm reading the Divine secrets of the Ya-ya sisterhood now. And I'm not liking it one bit. And I again wonder.. whether it's a good reader that makes a good book or a good book brings out a good reader in us.

Well, I'll never know.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Little food for thought..

" You know why are you so alone!" She said to him in sheer exasperation.

" Coz, you don't let anyone come close.."

"And you know why are you so alone..?" he asked smiling.

"Coz.. you do. "