Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Back to basics..!

Finally.. I'm here..
It's been really long since I last wrote.. But, it's not the reason for me to write today..
I'm not writing coz at this moment I don't have anything better to do..
You see, am lying cozily in my bed.. & I can doze off at any moment I want..
I have a novel to finish since ages, & I can finish it..
I've got a lot of home assignments to take care of from class..
I can also scheme a bank robbery in my head, which could possibly make me very rich..
I can philosophise about ways of the world n feel pity for those who don't like chocolate.. :D
I can look back upon my life & try to remember what I was doing at this time of the day 3 years ago.. ( I was sleeping probably, but still...!!!)
I can think about my future & guess what I'll be doing at this time of the day 3 years from now.. ( I'ld be sleeping probably, but still...!!!)
I can think about who should I blackmail to go to a lousy movie with me a week before exams.. & work upon the grounds as to what do I blackmail with..
I can lie down & stare at the ceiling n practice hypnotism on Mosquitoes.. 'Don't bite me..' 'Go bite Paris Hilton' or better still.. 'You are not a mosquito..You are Paris Hilton..'
I can try being creative n write an essay on.. "If I were a lamp-post.." or "If I were a stiletto.." or "If I were a Motorbike.." or better still.. "If I were all these things...say, a motorbike wearing stilettos under a lamp-post.." :D
I can wonder about how long would it take for me to burst if I had a hot chocolate fudge every other day..
I can try to mentally calculate what will be the 76.345% of 187th part of the product of the cubes of first 38 natural numbers raised to the power 4999..
I can make a list of all the movies I've watched more than twice,all the movies I haven't watched more than twice,all the movies I can watch more than twice,all the movies I can't watch more than twice..all the movies I.. :D
I can start writing my own bestseller on.. "How to waste time in 1000 most efficient ways.."
I can look for things I've lost in my 3 yr stay in the hostel.. and if I find them, keep them in a place where I can't find them again..
I can make a list of all the people I want to kill, take voodoo lessons online n kill them.. *eeeehaahaa haa*
I can make a fake id, go to a regional chat room, bad mouth at everyone & run away..
I can clean my room.. *yawwwwwwn...*
I can go downstairs & make all girls unable to watch ekta kapoor's serials for tomorrow by cutting the cable's wire from a place where no one can find out..
I can go to my sleeping friends' room, pick up their cellphones from near their heads,exchange their sims or I could just change the phone numbers of their guy pals n ENJOI in the college tomorrow..
Or I can wake them up at this hour, blame them for stealing my cell phone n then photograph the look on their faces with it..
I can call up all my friends n tell them that I've been kicked out from the hostel for bad behaviour & now I've no place to lodge in,n start crying.. n then when they are about to say anything... yell.."BELATED April fooooool...!!!!" /) :D
I can prepare for the presentation I have tomorrow.. or for the one which is 3 days later..
I can go stare in the mirror n tell myself.. "I'm a well disciplined person.I know how to manage my time efficiently.I'm a competent n hardworking person.I'm a very sweet girl.I'm charming n polite.I never get angry.I'm very patient & diligent.I hate sweets & I hate chocolate fudges.I study regularly.I....."
I can go to market n buy a feviquick to fix the broken stylus of my cell, so that I don't need to use my nails to operate it..
I can do planchette n call spirits n ask them, when will I become the President of USA..
I can write fan mail to Will smith :inlove:
I can reply to my fan mail.. :"> :P
I can sketch portraits... of myself.. :P
I can make an effort to introspect n find out why I'm the way I am.. get depressed.. n promise myself to do something about it.. from 1st of the next month..
I can think.......... about anything I wish..!

So you see.. I have the potential & the freedom to spend my time in whatever way I wish to..
But then, why have I dragged my super lazy ass to write this super shitty piece of crap.. ?

-- For the heck of it!! :D

PS: There's a big difference between everyone's --> *I can do*, *I will do* n *I have done...*. Period. :)