Saturday, September 01, 2007

All in the name of love...

I guess am jinxed... Coz People around me keep falling in love.. :D
n sadly... out of it...

I'll be honest.. I don't understand love.. atleast, not the way these people do.. My understanding is limited to what I've seen through their eyes.. n what I've felt.. through their pain..

This poem goes out to them.. n to all those who loved n love.. Their experiences in my words.. Being one eternal optimist, I hate to admit it.. But I know.. it's all true.. :)

When your heart aches for no reason,
& you feel your life stinks,
When happiness looks elusive
& your eyes well up with tears..

When you start shrinking from the world
& you think no one would understand,
When all you do is daydream
& stare at the phone since it last rang..

When you are everywhere yet nowhere
& night forces you to sleep,
When all pleasures look shallow
& something cries within you deep..

When you find yourself helpless
at the way things are going,
When you lock yourself up in your room
While whole world's out enjoying..

When everything reminds of someone
& you start to lose your focus,
When melody loses a meaning for you
& everything tests your patience..

This is the dark side of love
Don't go by its name,
Love's not always beautiful
as some lucky ones might claim..

For sometimes it leaves your heart
with so profound a pain,
That every wordly pleasure
to you looks mundane..

All I want to say is that
Give your heart away with care,
for no matter how many years go by
The scars are always there!!


lovekillingtime said...

i liked the short para that u wrote before the poem. Almost felt as if i was writting it :) din rea the poem though :) itz not easy for me to get myself to read one :)

prince said...

Meri secretar aajkal accha likh rahi hai. good.

sonia said...

hey its a real nice piece..i loved it!
thru this i relived all my old memories- good or bad!:)
Cntrl C and Cntrl V is on its way..hope u wont mind ;)

ankit said...

the para before the poem emiptmoises everything....


Anonymous said...

yaar dil ko chu gyi....

2 sb pehchan jaati h!!!

Anonymous said...

not gud enuff!pseudo.

rOhit said...

pretty damn good..
nice one..;)

read some of ur posts..
quite liked ur blog..:)

keep it up..
happy writing :D

Winnie the poohi said...

But it is worth every damn thing.. when it works right!!

you reminded me of one of the movie of barbara striestand.. in this movie.. she is an overweight literature professor...

In one of her lecture.. she gives a lecture on love.. I dont remmeber the movie name... if u ever get it.. do see it

Hard to find i know.. but worth it

Eternal Optimista said...

@winnie.. A gamble, is it not?
worth it.. when it works..
leaves unremovable scars.. when it doesn't..
What are we? Martyrs of fate.. or kids intrigued to touch a hot thing just to get burned later.. or little favourite children of GOd, who just might get lucky?

I wonder.

umangexuberance said...

hmmm..yes the scars always stay..

unicorn said...

If you were to write this seeing just others experiences, then kudos.

I feel that any form of art requires you to feel it, and poetry needs it the most and you could write all this looking into someone else's eyes, then, either the person migth have felt toooooo bad or you are real good poet.
Kudos anyways.