Sunday, January 06, 2008

Little food for thought..

" You know why are you so alone!" She said to him in sheer exasperation.

" Coz, you don't let anyone come close.."

"And you know why are you so alone..?" he asked smiling.

"Coz.. you do. "


humbl devil said...

mind over matter???


Winnie the poohi said...

catch 22 isnt it?

Anonymous said...

2 labzo ki hai dil ki kahani..

DestinyFavChild said...

two individuals...similar predicament...but different approach...c'est la vie...

"AjAy" said...

The same basic need. The need to share. But the conradiction. The conradiction because of so called an individual existence & identity. But unfortunately, the urge to be an individual never supercedes the urge to connect, to share. And hence the dilemma of existence.

Nice background...And very apt...few words...and lots of meaning..

umangexuberance said...

hmmm...I know..
but knowing doesn't always work does it?

PS: der aye durust aye..and awesome pic

#queen bee#

Anonymous said...

a diffrnt perspective comes to my mind after readin this guyz...
whatevr b the case... being wid a group or wid sm1 or alone.. ur still alone... u hv to hv ur mind over body for urself alone..responsible for ur acts n speech alone.. for no 1 wud b wid u forevr at evry place but u ALONE... nobody can take ur alone place.. n no i shud for then u wud b driven by some1... u may share everythn.. bt still u are alone.. therz no point at whch 1 cannot b alone.. for 1 not to b alone 1 wud have to loose his mind to some n nt b responsible for nethn alone...being alone is an individuals true identity...n lossin it is like .. "its all over"...

guess i hv takn only alone part frm the blog.. bt thats wht struck me after readin it.. my pure perception comes ur way..... :)

Nitish said...

And , i thought sumbody wasnt romantic

Jshree said...

Wow, the shortest an sweetest blog ive ever come across!:)

Me said...

You know why I am alone?
Because it is so nice to be Independent and be myself. and naturally I am full-divine-unique-complete Individual[:)]

Anonymous said...

An Amazing thought!
Nice picture btw

funnybunny said...

she was the most amazing, enthusiastic lonely girl in the land of lonely people. :p

I liked it.

Vivek Menon said...

Hmmm have i found the answer?? U certainly raised the question..

Drifter said...

sounds like me and He.
Cute blog. :)

S Ramanathan said...

tats too good. short and sweet, and the punch!

freesherry said...

different people different ways
same ailment the same void..

in the end whether we keep ourselves cooped up in our shell all open ourselves to the world..we are all alone.. that is the truth of life

HR said...

Okay, blame it on winters or my innate laziness that I just can't get a proxy to visit your blog. I'm sorry, but I really do appreciate your rambling. Thank you. I'll try to do justice to your efforts from now on. Sachhi! :">

May be, being on the receiving end helps at times ;)

Eternal Optimista said...

@ Harsha bhaiyya.. :"> :"> :">
It does, my bad. :D
New year resolution, going to reply to all my comments from now on.

@ Humbl devil.. It always is.. shouldn't it be?

@ Winnie.. Yes, truly!

@ anony1.. Ya toh mohabbat, ya toh jawani? Nay, this is not what it conveyed. The girl boy thing is just for the effects. Happens with all of us.. no?

@ Ajay.. woohoo..! That was some pure philo stuff, dilemma of existence.. Be it one reason or other, at the end of the day, everyone is so alone..

@ Umang.. Yep.. It never does actually. People just can't help being the way they are. He won't ever be able to trust anyone.. & she won't be able to stop trusting.. or would they? The hope remains..

@ anony2.. thanks, I really appreciate it. There's a difference between being alone & wanting to be alone. Perhaps, you are rationalising something which can't really be done. This is the whole problem. We aren't always what we should be, but the big question is.. Is our "should be" really the path we ought to move on? It boils down to perception really.. Both are right in their own way.. & both are so wrong.

@ Nitish.. Maybe I am, Maybe I'm not. How does it matter? ;) As I said, this post has nothing to do with romance, at all It was the thought I wanted to share, & the individuals, not their relationship. :)

@ Jayshree.. Thanks :">

@ me.. I'm glad you are. :)
It just means, you have a lot to send others' way. Hope you are at it. ;)

@ anony3.. Thanks. :D

@ funnybunny.. She indeed is. Only that, she's not me. :( ;)

@ Vivek.. :) :)
The question actually is.. Is there an answer?? Do let me know if you find one.

@ drifter, Ram, Sherry.. Thanks :D

Eternal Optimista said...

Again at everyone, thanks a lot for dropping by. I really appreciate & am humbled by your encouraging words. Best thing is, when you ponder about what I say & share your interpretation with me & thanks a lot for understanding it so well!
Hugs for everyone..

maverick said...

life...its funny..n strange :)

Every moment in life is a short story with a happy ending.

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Ankur said...

I believe there is a void inside everybody. For the ones who have a significant other in their lives, it is somewhat filled up. The others, they are waiting for it to be filled up. They may be happy and at peace with the status quo, but at times when that void surfaces, it's quite a task to deal with it. Maybe that's why they feel so alone.
Guess I was bit out of context here.

Kevin said...

Is it all about being alone?
Or is it all about being unhappy?
Cause im happiest when alone. ^_^

Or is it all aobut this blog?:o

PurpelBlur ^.^ said...

"All you need is love"
damn, those Beatles were smart.

innocense of a smile said...

m sooo lost ryt nw...dnt even knw..kya comment likhun..!
bt i do hope tht smday i do come to this excerpt n dnt feel this speechless.. :I