Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The God's little Angel...

She opened her eyes
to a world of fairies,
dancing mermaids and
never ending magic..
Pure and innocent..
She was God's little Angel.

She sailed across the seas
playing with dolphins,
making castles in the sand and
marking her territory..
Ever exuberant..
She was God's little Angel.

She made friends out of strangers

with her delightful smile,
leaving them overjoyed and
enamored with her innocence..
lovingly flamboyant..
She was God's little Angel.

She was met instead with a
world of unkindness,
which broke her heart and
laughed at its pieces..
Aching to be loved..
She was God's little Angel.

She shed many an unseen tears
over her shattered dreams,
But she embellished in her pain and
wrote beautiful poetry..
aloof yet alluring..
She was God's little Angel.

She sure wasn't the kind
to drown in self pity,
who could give up on life and
kill the love she had inside..
knowing and determined..
She was God's little Angel.

So she gathered her clipped wings
tended them with care,
Lifted her chin up and
slowly started to fly again..
scared yet impassioned..
She was God's little Angel.

And now she still spreads love
wherever she goes,
rubbing off her charm on others and
touching lives of everyone..
She sure has a magic wand..
For she is God's little Angel.

For Umang, on her Birthday.


Supriya Narang said...

Nice - and so tru! :D
Happy bday umang :D

umangexuberance said...

@suni di
I can't begin to tell you how much this means to me.. and how much u mean to me..
u are my rock and i love u like hell.. just as i know u do and will always do..
thanks a million billion trillion...

thanks buddy :)

humbl devil said...

i m so so jealous of umang!!!

best dedication to a friend i have come across...

Nisha said...

very thoughtful n deep.....
so true...
u sure do knw her sunila...

HR said...

hidimbi se itna pyaar? :mg:

Madam.Abd said...

Very Beautiful one!!! Very touching !! Will surely be a precious giift for the buddaygirl.

zephyr said...

beautiful.. makes so much sense... very nice..

Eternal Optimista said...

@ Humbl devil.. That's so sweet. :)
Why did you delete your blog? :-/

@hr.. naah, not at all.. bus formality k liye likha. ;D :P :P

@ madam.abd & Zephyr.. thank you. :)

Winnie the poohi said...

oww how sweet! this is like a pearl at the bottom of the ocean! you should blog more you lazy bones :P

anuj said...

hmm .. read this piece at Umang's too. A good one.


blunt edges said...

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Punit said...

Hey... No blog posts since Feb 2008?

Kya hua? Busy Busy, You are a businesswoman ???

Punit said...

More than a year since God's little demon made a post....

s.H.a.S.h.I said...

wow.. tht was a really nice poem... nice blog btw :)

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