Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

When love is real.. and hearts are true..
Every day becomes valentine's for you.. no? ;)

I do not believe in these celebrations.. but still.. I do believe in love of those who do..

So, to those.. who are in love...
and to those, who once were..
To those.. who believe in love..
and to those who do not..
To those.. who are expecting flowers & chocolates at their doorsteps..
and to those.. who will be paying for them.. :D
To those.. who are unsure of their feelings..
and to those.. who are scared of letting these feelings known..
To those.. who have a special someone..
and to those.. who do not..
To those.. who want to have their love last forever..
and to those.. who had it once and lost..
To those.. who'll be having candle lit dinners tonight..
and to those.. who'll be watching romantic flicks on their couches.. alone.. ;) :D
To those.. who'll be celebrating their commitment today..
and to those.. who'll enter one..
To those.. who'll send each other dark red cards.. :D
and to those.. who'll hide their love notes under their pillows.. ;)
To those.. who are waiting for someone special to come along..
and to those.. who are scared of being loved..
To those.. who'll be together walking hand in hand..
and to those.. who'll be connected only through their feelings..

Here's wishing you all, a Very Happy Valentine's Day..

And for the rest... Time for us to treat ourselves..
To give ourselves a gift, no one else could give us..
"Let's begin.. to love ourselves, before anyone else.."


umangexuberance said...

muuah muaah muaaah... for the poem
and muaah muaah muaah muaaah for youuuuu :) :) :)

this is an ode..
to those who understand love
and to those who know not
to those who are in its intimate throes
and to those who fight it like murderous foes
to those who dreamed it like a placid lake
and to those who with its nightmares still shake
to the power of love and its weaknesses too
to this mystery that for each leaves a different clue..

A happy valentine's day to u as well :)

meenaxi said...

Suniiiiiiii..kewl blog :D Keep up the good work :D:D

Ananta said...

this was amazing suni:):):)
Take care..

Ankur said...

Love is in the air
Love is on-air
Newspapers, billboards, eateries
Love is just everywhere

I started writing this on the 14th, but somehow got busy and couldn't go any further. Thought of putting it to some use... :)

I liked what you put up here; smiled all the way reading it.

Kevin said...

Raksha Bandhan ke din bhi ek poem likhna.

innocense of a smile said...