Friday, February 02, 2007

Pebbles on the Seashore...

I started out to think.. that this is my story..
But when I moved on further I realised that it's not..

No poem belongs to one person.. n this is the most beautiful thing about poetry.. In few words, it can capture the lives & sentiments of many..

This is strange how everyone shares this element of similarity even while juggling with one's own uniqueness.. How everyone wants to blend in.. This poem is nothing but an idea.. a thought blended into rhyme.. you might have felt the same at some point of your life.. or you might have seen this idea somewhere else.. in someone else's words.. But, the core remains the same.. n It always will be n that is..

You are Unique.. just like everyone else.. :)

I've flowers blooming around me
& birds flying high in the sky,
There's so much to be happy about
but still I find myself so dry..

As the world moves swiftly in front of me
I'm standing here all alone,
Thinking if it will lose its pace
When I will be dead & gone..

Will I be remembered with love
like the essence of a breeze,
Or will I be forgotten
the way leaves wither away from trees..

Will the winds stop blowing
Will the rainbow lose its charms,
Will the sky miss me standing below it
Opening wide my arms..

Will the sun reduce its intensity
Will it stop shining bright,
Will the stars & the moon miss me too
gazing at them at night..

Will the earth stop spinning for a moment
& notice my absence,
For all I did was to live a life
without making any difference..

For I lived like a stubborn tide
crashing at random places,
Trying to embrace anonymity
scared of my different faces..

Tried to suppress my individuality
wanted to get lost in the crowd,
Always trying to keep them happy
while my own soul cried out loud..

I always tried to become
what others wanted me to be,
In pursuit of their love
I stopped loving real me..

When the truth basked upon me
like a sudden blow,
I broke into a hundred pieces
Didn't know where to go..

But life's not meant for crying
for nurturing hurt & pain,
With a new sense of purpose & hope
My new journey began..

When bad times come to break you
It's only to strengthen your core,
Coz no matter how tall a rock stands
It has to turn into pebbles to reach the seashore...


tiger said...

hi. did you write this poem? it's very nice! want to ask for your permission if i may post it in my blog. i really loved it. thanks. :-)

vipul said...

greatwork whizkid(loq :p devil)!! really very nice,keep it up!!
[i]Tried to suppress my individuality
wanted ......
.....In pursuit of their love
I stopped loving real me..[/i]
so real,so me or everyone?? lovely!!

and i thought i would be first to post a comment :(

Loquacious Devil said...

Hey thnx..Ofcourse,I wrote it myself..You can post it you want so but do give the credits where they are due..Thnx a lot for dropping in..:)

God bless!

Loquacious Devil said...

hey Vippu..thnx buddy..
I was in for some sarcastic comments though..:P

n never mind..2 is a gud number too..:P

thnx a lot..

Loquacious Devil said...

@ hemant..Thnx fr ur concern buddy..U r the best brother any girl can have..As for your comments..I'll answer to them through a post..

Till then tc of urslf..

Budding Poet said...

Hi Devil..
Check out ma poems @

Good ones mate..keep em flowing

Anonymous said...

hi sunila. this is mini. tanu just told me about ur blog and ur poem is gr8. i just loved it. i guess now ill also wait for ur next blog.
tk cr.

tanu said...

swty!! its awesome...i kudnt believe hw mch i kud relate to it..n d fact dat it ws sm1 else's creation..

anyway keep up d gd work..derez ntn as close to my hrt right nw, as ur poem


Tanay said...

i havnt seen poetry since i left schol
i shall come back someday whaen i have the patience
and read

Anonymous said...

awsm!that was really!i dnt knw wat else!!i mean reading it i thought yeah im listening real her talking!i hate her immensely for this sumtymes. watevr!this is not the [place to talk about this for all the loosers and sick psychic poking nose ppl to read.
so, in the end it was a brilliant effort. hey u can start lyrics writing and composing music.u wud be pathetic for rock music, but the other stuff u can have amazing fortune if u try!music man!music! think about it! and i love u for ur writing capabilities. this is again pseudo holy!

umang said...

dis is smthn...
this really makes you stop and think... wht m i doing wid my life...
hv i faced d truth of my existance, hv i embraced my true self or m i still wandering away getting lost in dis wilderness of life when each one of us hs d ability to shine like a star....

trust me di dis poem is a real gem
it is just as deep just as strong & still just as subtle as you are

dis is you all d way...
and you ROCK!!!

FC said...

Good keep it up

Anonymous said...

this is good poem, like it

princeparas said...

bahut hi achhio kavita hai !!!

DhUnEe RaM said...

i don't really understand poetry...bouncer really :)

but rhyming's good...:p

anoop said...

that was really good, i would love for u to review my work,
my link is

Anonymous said...

Hi, I think this is the most beautiful poem I have ever come simple yet something that leaves a deep impression.....amazing

Pinaki said...

well u knw wot sunila - it's like anything else, so stop thinking. it's better left to itself. i personally don't like the subject of 'semiotics' for the same reason. interesting read, keep them coming. :)

ASHARED said...

heya girl loved your poem, the simplicity and the meaning!

keep up!

Anonymous said...

hey ciao,is it really u.i read few days back the same kind a... in some website but not exactly the same ,hard to believe but if it's true great,u r absolutely mind blowing and ur poem too.

Gowri Shankar said...

I love the color and theme of the blog.Got your link from Orkut.Definitely one of the best blogs(in terms of layout)that I've ever visited.Please keep it this way.
Unfortunately I hate poems.Have really hated them from the bottom of my stomach since school.So can't comment on that.But keep doing what you enjoy best.

Aravind said...

interesting sentiments...
but anudder angle is as Thomas Gray says
"The boast of heraldry, the pomp of power,
And all that beauty, all that wealth e'er gave,
Awaits alike th' inevitable hour:-
The paths of glory lead but to the grave."
in his poem:
Does anything at all matter finally? Is there a finally state??
anyways, the poetry was nice....

Nikhil said...

Tried to suppress my individuality
wanted to get lost in the crowd,
Always trying to keep them happy
while my own soul cried out loud..

Bas munh ki baat cheen lee apne.
Baaki bhi thik-thaak hi likhi hain :p

Just kidding. Good poem :)
Keep writing :)

Anonymous said...

Sunila baby~Inna saara retrospection:wow:...Beautifully put in words honey...Not only do I like the poem but also your perception of it:)Hug.Priya

Anonymous said...

Achcha likti ho aap..aaaaiilllaaa!!
Apni agony ka solution to denaji.


DestinyFavChild said...

so much in tune wid the theme of ur blog...keep it up..cheers !!

Rahul said...

fantastic ......

debashis said...

just too awesome !