Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Of Moon & Me..

Have you ever looked at the moon
on a star studded night?
How it stands apart..
from all the stars shining bright..

When you gaze unfazedly
at the enchanting beauty it owns..
Do you ever look for the tears
behind the charming face it dons..?

When it makes a picture perfect
Dancing with a million stars..
Do you ever wonder if it's just a ploy
to hide its numerous scars..?

While watching this splendid sight
as the night takes its own course
Does it ever strike you that
It too might be living,a life like yours?

When you are standing lonely in a crowd
and you retreat into an invisible zone..
Do you ever give it a thought
that it might be just as alone..?

For there's always a story hidden
behind every happy face..
When like the enigmatic moon above
We all feel.....Out of place!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey the pic is awsome!it gives such an cool effect to the stuff. same with the pic of very first poem,that lonely chink kinda gal.they put extra mile to ur efforts...i gues.!by the way poems r nice.pseudo.