Thursday, July 27, 2006

Doctors by Erich Segal

Erich segal's Doctors..Liked it a lot..n ws a better read than love story..
I mean i just dont know why I didnt like love story much in the first place..ther's a book by danielle steel "Fine things" I happened to read that before love story..mayb that's y..:

I kno that Fine things n others many in the league are inspired frm love story only..n original is original..but as i said..I cant help it!

As for Doctors..It ws very moving..wud hv been better if shortened a bit..The climax went too overboard n filmy..n lukd like n attempt to connect the characters of the book..the "platonic" frdship between the protagonists laura castellano n Barney livingston ws really remarkable..

But most of all i liked th character Bennet landsmann..but he ws put to n abrupt n fast end..while he ws the most promising characters of them all..I wish I cud hv more of him in the book..

I like the starting n ending lines of segal..they r quite well written..enuff to create interest..but the matter inside is not always too good..I mean,though its all very moving..emotional..but still very filmy..There r places where u expect miracles for ur favourite characters..n they dnt happen..n there r places where thz miracles happen out of the blue n sudden..

What i din like..How stories of sum of the characters were left just like that..I mean partiality towards laura n barney wsnt justified..But all in all....I luvd reading abt barney were cool...n bennet..n okay laura too at times..n the frdship they all shared...I even liked seth lazrus..n i wantd 2 read more about lance mortimer...

A gud book..


ankit said...

About ur comment on the miracles part....u say the miracles dont happen where the reader hopes for them to happen and when they do happen they take u by surprise ....isnt that the whole motive of a good novel ? To keep the readers at the edge of there seat completely clueless about wats gonna happen next

Anonymous said...

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