Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Life Or Something Like It..

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On this stage called life
God gave me a wholesome part...

I took it up as a liability..
Never realising that it was a gift,
A chance for me,to grow as a soul..

I whined over the obstacles I faced..
Never realising that they were blessings,
Given to me to polish my abilities..

I yearned for the wordly pleasures..
Never realising that the biggest wealth is love,
Which was already given to me as a family..

I asked for strength,I asked for power..
Never realising that strength lies not in being a winner,
But living as a survivor..

I asked for opportunities to make it big..
Never realising I already had it in form of time,
Which I always let passby,dreaming about the future..

I asked for good luck..
Never realising it was all in my 10 fingers,
To change my lines of fate..

I despised griefs & ran after happiness..
Never realising that griefs were what made me humble,
And taught me the art of thankfulness..

I took failures as setbacks..
Never realising the failures made me level-headed,
And strived me to give my best..

I asked for this,I asked for that,
when it was all there right in front of me..
I longed for what I did not have,
When all I needed was what,I already HAD..!


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