Wednesday, July 26, 2006

36 China Town

If your brain works too fast..If you don't have a sense of humour..Please stay away from this one..

Wht do you get when you try to mix comedy with a murder mystery with a romance between shahid-kareena,paresh-payal,johnny-tanaz?
Answer..a piece of crap..called 36 china town..

A loose plot..predictable..the directors forget at times what they want..suspense,drama,thrill..or romance,comedy..?coz this muvi has none of them..

First the story..
A casino heiress is murdered n 6 ppl are the prime suspects..n you automatically know..none of them is the killer..They get to the scene of the murder due to some or the other reason..n are scared to their wits when the investigating officer comes in..
Now at times will send you into splits..n at times..will make you feel like pulling your hair..

Whts wrong????

Songs..AA aa ashiqui is one awesome song..n so is rock your body n one party song at the is soo soo n absolutely all of them unsituational.but choreography???oh my see so much of red in feel like puking..

Actors..Shahid is at his overacting best..he was far better in dil maange more..
Kareena..thank god..she doesn't have much of dialogues..she looks like a doll in the muvi..n that's what she has done..pinned up like a acting,nothing..just weird facial expressions..
Johnny lever..His time was finished right then when he came as the second lead in govinda's Joru ka gulam(one of the worst ever made),but i must times he was really of the times..looked repetitive & stale..
Paresh raval..better than all the rest..but story was so awful..his role of a gambling prone hotelier..couldn't do anything to save the movie..but the funniest sequence of the movie comes from him..
Tanaz n Payal Rohtagi..The lesser said the better..
Upen patel..9820 420 420..oh my god!!!!n his pick up line..Is your dad a terrorist..??Can any joke be older than this???His long drive action is funny..Dances well..but acting???not his cup of tea..

Only good thing about the movie???????
Akshay khanna..had it not been for him n his million dollar would be a disaster..Every scene he is can watch without sulking..
This guy rocks!:)

All in all..a disappointing film..

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