Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Welcomme to My Buhlog!!

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Frankly speaking,for as long as three long years of my fidgety life(that's when I had first heard the term blog..)I couldn't understand what's the deal with blogging..Many times,I purposely ignored the term like I always ignored my increasing weight --I knew it was there but wouldn't do anything about it..:)Till now that is..!

The idea of an online journal where I could scribble all the crap I manage to think in a day's time,never appealed much to me..& on top of that,letting other people peek in & comment on the histrionics of my restless mind..??Naaah..not for me..I was more than just happy finding solace in the pages of my personal diary..

In my 20 yr old life span..I've had 5 diaries..Three of which were caught & saw an untimely demise..one is safely tucked somewhere in my almirah..It's safe there coz it's impossible to locate it behind that unmanageable heap of books..& anyway my entire family is allergic to books..so nobody's gonna peek in there..& last one is gathering dust from last 2 yrs..I scribble very occasionally..when I'm too sad or when I'm too happy..or when I get too philosophical..or simply when I've absolutely nothing to do..!Now,since I spend my entire day doing just nothing..I've stopped writing diary completely.Not that I've stopped thinking now..It's just that I'm too plain lazy for that..;)

So what brings me here?In case,you've come this far just to find out the reason for my sudden change of heart..I'm sorry,you'll have none..It might be that I don't want to tell you or maybe it's just that I dont knoW for myself..:P

What matters is that,after whatever minor major bloopers..I'v finally made it!!and AHHHH...How am I lovin' it..!!Seriously,the joy of creating something on your own is one of its kind..:)

So,ladies n gentlemen,friends,foes & strangers..Lemme present before u for the very first time(It's not exactly the very first time..but never mind!)--MY Buhlog..!!

And what I'm going to write about..?I'm not so sure..for a while it'll be just me,me,me!!My life..my friends..my views..& just when you'll start wondering if I'm some self-centered freak,i'll come up with something else..;)Till then,bear with me..n keep watching..

And now with this..I end my first note..Thank you for being with me so far..I dont expect your brain to work on same wavelength as mine does..& anyway,am not much of a writer person..So,It's quite possible you don't like what I say in the coming posts or you might just not understand..Whatever be it..I would love it,if you leave your feedback..:) n more than that,i would love it If you write back your own opinion too..About how YOu feel about a subject..I'vent written any thing so far..but very soon..I will..n Would love to hear from you..

Till then..Stay beautiful..!


vipul said...

welcome!! i would definitely like to read to some personal diary stuff here :P and that too of a whizkid and loquacious devil :P
ATB and regards,

Ananta said...

Hmmmmm sunilaji...rather must say u think completely as a 20yr.old girl thinks.......u hv written something which i had written in my blog.I felt the same need and same confusion and the same feeling after reqading ur blog.U knw wat we girls dont take things seriously and rather keep forgetting things but yet feelings keeps oveflowing.Our parents feel we are still a kid and they will never find us growing up.
But to sum it up....beautifully written....I knw u wont reveal out ur secrets but yet waiting for ur blog to get updated:)